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First time at our gym, or any gym for that matter? You may have questions about what’s expected of our members or even what to bring. Keep reading and we’ll give you all the information you will need to feel right at home.

Fitness on 25th is an inclusive environment where people of all shapes and sizes come together for one amazing goal… their personal health and wellbeing. Our members come here to work out, not work on their runway walk! We like to think you can worry about putting your make up on after your work out, and not before!

What you need to bring:

  • indoor athletic shoes (closed toe)
  • comfortable clean athletic clothes (perfume and odor free)
  • a water bottle or use our water fountain
  • a lock to secure your belongings
  • a shower towel and/or smaller sweat towel
  • a smile

Expectations in the weight room:

  • 30 minute sign up on all cardio equipment, white board to sign up is at the back
  • wipe down all equipment after each use
  • shirts are required at all times, no torn or ripped clothing is allowed
  • allow others to work on machines while you rest
  • do NOT slam weights
  • return equipment to its proper place when finished
  • no food or drink allowed
  • direct any questions to the staff at the fit desk, they are always there as a resource to you

The most important thing to remember when you first come to the gym is that, everyone starts at the beginning. Feel free to ask questions, book a training session, read an article on fitness, try a class a week until you find what is right for you. Eventually you'll be on your way and those first few awkward days will seem like a distance memory!

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