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Coming to see a personal trainer can be stressful, but at Fitness on 25th there is nothing to worry about.  All of our trainers and fit staff are CSEP certified.  What that means to our members is that they receive the highest level of expertise you can get in health and fitness professionals.

To achieve CPT certification our trainers must complete a minimum of 2 years in Kinesiology and pass a rigourous exam which includes several practical applied hours of training.

To achieve CEP certification our trainers must complete 4 year Kinesiology degree and complete 300 hours of practical study. This certification allows trainers to work with high performance athletes, general populations, and varied clinical populations.

Check out all their bios and discover out who is a fit for you!


Initial Consultation (30 min)

Get to know your trainer.  Bounce some ideas off them, ask questions, find out if this is a fit for you.  This service is 100% FREE for all members with a one year membership.

Training Sessions (1 hour)

Once you are ready to work, figure out how hard you want to go.  All programs are set up to suit your needs.  Sometimes you just want a monthly reminder on form and sometimes you need a biweekly motivator. 

1 session                  $55

3 sessions                $150               ($50/hr)

5 sessions                $225               ($45/hr)

10 sessions              $430               ($43/hr)


Non-Member Training Rate (1 hour) $60

We understand that as awesome as we are, sometimes your home gym just has better parking!  Come get your program perfected with the best training staff in the city.

Fitness Assessment (2 Hours) $85

Have you ever wondered how tough you were?  Push yourself to your limit and find out where your strengths really are.

Combo (Fitness Assessment and 1 Hour Training) $99

Take it to the next level, and use what you find.  Start building the perfect plan for your body and goals, based on all the findings from your assessment.

Body Composition $50

Spend some quality time with our staff finding out exactly what you are made of.  You want facts, we can do that!

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